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" At the age of 16, I encountered what is commonly known as "Academic Stress" as I failed my Maths Exam. After My counsellor and my parents helped me pass this phase of my life, I realized that I am not the only one. There are a lot of teenagers who are struggling to talk about their emotions, making their life stressful instead of fun. This thought gave birth to DSTRESSME, and the rest is history.  I started this company with an enthusiastic team that gradually became my family. Moving forward, we realise that mental health is not the only thing teenagers are struggling with, but there are many such life skills we must offer, and so today, we are a Youth organisation aiming to create a difference in someone's life through our services." Siya Khanna ( Founder DSTRESSME )

Brainstorm to Success

THE DSTRESSME Bravehearts 

Get to Know Us

The DSTRESSME Bravehearts are the individuals who are the backbone of DSTRESSME and will be guiding you through each step on this journey with us. We understand and we are there.

Siya Khanna

CEO / Founder

I am Siya Khanna , an entrepreneur at heart who likes to come up with a unique solution for different problems and challenges coming my way. I am looking forward to help solve your unique challenges through the solutions I might have. If I don't have then let's come up with a solution together.


Malika Chopra 


I am Malika Chopra, a teenage blogger who enjoys writing fiction stories. While I see creativity in my words, I am inspired by various art forms, and hence incorporate my imagination in those to help you view the world through a different lens.


Devansh Kumar 


Hi! I’m Devansh Kumar, a member of Dstressme Bravehearts. I’m immensely passionate about web development/design, programming, and technology. Mental health is a social cause that is very close to my heart. I wholeheartedly believe in the cause that Dstressme Bravehearts is working towards. I hope with whatever skills I have, I am able to contribute to this cause in a positive way.


Mughda Vaid 


Hi I’m Mughda I love doing everything except studying, I love making people laugh who love to be constipated. Throughout the years of being a young teenager, I have realized it’s very essential to know how to differentiate between things, relationships, and many other things which I don’t remember right now. These years of my life have not been less than a rollercoaster ride, it’s been full of mixed emotions, ups and downs, and whatnot. Teenage life is like a trailer to a movie, which Adulthood!


Yashvi Grover 

Chief Content Officer

I am Yashvi Grover, someone who is immersed in the world of the arts. A writer, musician, avid reader, and an empathetic soul, I aim to lead you down a path to healing and further help others.

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Hemanshikha Khanna 


I'm Hemanshikha Khanna, an enthusiastic learner who believes in hard work. I'm keen on taking challenges out of my comfort zone to try something new. I'm also a writer who enjoys using words to express my likings dislikings or a view on a particular topic :) I'm an extremely approachable person who will be there for you whenever and wherever you want.


I’m Yashraj Garg! When I’m not advocating for pressing issues of today’s time, I enjoy theatre, baking, photography and self development. I aim to establish a beautiful connection with the youth of the world and help them become the best versions of themselves.


Yashraj Garg

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