You Ask - I Answer

Why choose DSTRESSME? 

DSTRESSME gives you a different outlook on life. All aged 10-17 can learn life skills with the amalgamation of academics, sports, and extracurriculars. A place where you will find happy teenagers at your service, and lastly, a place where there are no judgements. 

How is DSTRESSME offering you something different? 

DSTRESSME is offering you free events where professionals from different fields would come to share their experiences and knowledge with all of you. We also offer you masterclasses in areas ranging from finance to relationships at a minimal price.

Can I be a part of the DSTRESSME Team?

Yes, we welcome enthusiastic teenagers as volunteers who can either intern with us for a preferred duration of time or join us after adequate training. For more queries please reach out to us at gobeyondexpected@dstressmebravehearts.com